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Spoiled rotten brats manifest themselves in this world, to the supreme and undying detriment of this world, and it's time we woke up and started calling them out. Hollywood, anyone? THERE's a pompous herd of spoiled brats, way too cool for school.

What about "the homeless"? Are they spoiled rotten brats?

I've spent a lot of this life living around, or with, or as, "The Homeless". So who are they, anyway?

I change my view on these percentages from time to time, slightly-- it's not an exact science. And the actual numbers, if anyone really ever knew them, are anything but static.

I estimate that about 60% of the homeless are clinically insane. Thanks Reagan, you near-sighted dolt. They are completely unemployable, even if they wanted to work. Curiously, I find that crazy people are also usually lazy people. I've no idea how that correlation comes about. So is it possible to be insane, and also a spoiled rotten brat? An insane person might ACT like a spoiled rotten brat, but I can't say they deserve the title. They're insane, after all! That means they're not responsible for whatever they are. Look up the law. Does "the law" also fit with common sense on this issue? Pretty-much but not completely.

That leaves 40% of the homeless population that are in play for the spoiled rotten brat award.

I had a friend, several lifetimes ago; we were commercial fishermen together. Name was John. He was a college educated structural engineer. He'd tried that life; didn't like it; went fishing. No judgment there. John was a mediocre fisherman because he was lazy. Well, I am too -- but John was lazy-er by an order of magnitude. We became fair friends and we fished together a lot.

Once he went missing for about three days. I searched high and low for his boat, through storms and fog and pestilence -- well not pestilence, but some other really bad shit, and I was broke and couldn't afford the boat fuel to go looking. The Coast Guard looked also. Fuck the Coast Guard. I rescued them twice later in life and watched them kill a man through stupefying incompetence and then lie about it in court. But I did find John far out to sea, tangled up in some fishing gear and unable to operate his boat. I cut him out and towed him in. He said "thanks, thanks a lot, you saved my life. You looked for days at your expense and through some bad stuff and I appreciate it. You saved my life and my boat. But I wouldn't have done the same for you. I'm just too lazy".

Well, OK then, that defined our relationship pretty well. It sucked to be me.

John was enamored by the prospect of living "free" and "off the land" (in downtown Los Angeles). It was his favorite dream and whenever he caught a few fish and could afford the flight he trekked off to South Central L.A. and lived on the street for as long as he could bear it. He was constantly testing to see just how old the meat from the dumpsters could be before he puked it all up -- it was a veritable scientific study with John and he reported on the stats copiously. When he got too sick or too hungry or ran out of clothing he made his way back to his boat up north and went fishing again. But he never liked fishing. What he truly liked was being homeless. He never attained that lofty goal to his satisfaction and died of some other crap years later.

John was terminally lazy, but not spoiled. There are plenty of people who are lazy either physically or mentally or both, or are simply too damned tired to deal with the screeching BS that one has to put up with in "the world". There's a bit of that in most of us. Me too. Maybe some had energy and spirit in younger years but something broke their caring. I just want quiet and peace and serenity and more quiet -- but my problem is that I want other things as well. John didn't, and many of the homeless don't. They have no other aspirations beyond breathing and eating occasionally and being left alone and unmolested. They might be brilliant -- though most aren't. They might be moral or philosophical giants -- though most aren't. They're just weary souls trapped in bodies that need upkeep and maintenance in the form of food and shelter and they don't really want to provide it.

I dealt with "the homeless" every day working off the commercial docks and piers, and I was involved in a homeless outreach in Seattle for some years. I was constantly chastised by the experienced crew for "enabling" the street people. I wanted to give them so much that ultimately they didn't need to go find a job. It took me quite awhile to get over that urge. I was spoiling them rotten.

But in all that experience over all those years, it was rare that I encountered a spoiled rotten homeless brat. They do exist, but not in droves.

So, no, the homeless are not traditionally spoiled. They're just tired. Or insane. Or both. The vast majority whether tired or insane or both are seriously drug-addled. That alone is like cutting one wing off an airplane. Whatever else you fix, it ain't ever gonna fly.

badly behaved child

Can the homeless be helped? Not really. I'm not "a believer" (at all) but I do think Jesus Christ was a real human (or alien, whatever), and when asked about the homeless (the poor, actually), he supposedly replied "they will always be with us". You can't cure them. You can't fix them. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to tolerate them. But they exist, and always have, and always will, and they're human beings -- you can't push them into the sea. I think the best solution is to help them live like they want to live and give up this nonsense of trying to "better" them. Make options for betterment available, but few will avail themselves. Give them land. Let them build whatever they want. That will be slums. Those slums will periodically burn and kill people. That's their choice and it's the best you can do. Fancy clean homeless shelters paid for by your tax dollars at stunning expense? --Go spend time in one and tell me that more should be built. Don't spew bullshit at me until you've lived in one for a year. Theory is no substitute for experience, though silly, helpless academics want it to be so very, very badly.

Spoiled Rotten Brats and Covid-19.

As all of us have, I've agonized over the past few months, trying and trying and trying to find some tiny shred of understanding or comprehension for the rioting, looting, rapes, murders, arsons and general destruction plaguing almost exclusively Liberal-run cities. Yes, Conservative cities still have their fair share of "normal" crime, and almost all crime is just plain insane (who are most criminals except spoiled rotten brats?), but the Liberal cities have added a new dimension to this madness. It started out as "BLM" (Black Lives Matter). is...God-knows-what? Antifa? No, there is no "central command" for "Antifa". It exists only as a vague, idiotic concept. Black Lives Matter? No, because the blacks are killing each other and the liberal media ignores it.

So what in God's name is the motivation for the bullshit?

It's four things:

1. The "anarchists" believe they are starting a "new world order" in which all things are free, no one has to work, everything is fair, there are no punishments, there are no consequences to any action or misdeed or fuck-up or mistake or bad decision, and no one will ever be unhappy again, The End. They believe that in order to accomplish that, all things, traces, shreds and shards of the "old way" (the way that imagined, engineered and manufactured their cell phones, cars, homes, TVs, vibrators, tablets, loudspeakers, bicycles--) must, must be removed and reduced to rubble, erased from all memory for all time. That is partly what justifies, in their tiny minds, the burning and destruction of buildings -- things, of course, which will still be sorely needed in any new world order because, after all, sometimes it rains, sometimes it's cold, sometimes the wind blows, and you might want to have meetings inside buildings to organize future anarchist's goings-on, and, hell, sometimes you just want to have a place to sleep. Destroy all the buildings at your peril.

Are the anarchists really starting a new world order? It's a foolish question that does not deserve an answer. Point number one shows their stupidity.

2. The "anarchists" truly believe that they are on the brink of inheriting the earth and all things upon it, including your house, car, bank accounts, personal belongings, and, if they choose, your wife or children. This, also, is so utterly insane as to not rate further comment. Can an oyster fuck a fly? No discussion is needed to answer the question. But fools can bring themselves to believe anything if they exist in a soundproof bubble where the same crazy ideas are all they hear from birth. Anything can become reality to them in that virtual reality. Point number two shows their terminal naiveté.

3. They are spoiled rotten brats. They are the demon-spawn of half a world of spoiled rotten brats, utterly clueless, utterly irredeemable, utter wastes of humanity's time -- a negative value in every single respect. When catered to, they become infinitely worse. When ignored, they do what they're doing in Liberal cities across the country -- act out and destroy. This is what all spoiled brats do. Point number three shows their complete and profound worthlessness. Push them into the sea and their parents too? Too bad we can't. But there may come a time when civilization has no choice, if it wishes to survive. In American society today there is a rapidly growing number of "the silent pissed off", those are full to the fucking gullet of these miserable, whiny, limp-wristed punks destroying lives, businesses, families and common sense, and the whiny, limp-wristed punk politicians, judges and prosecutors who coddle them and let them go nearly unpunished. Those are the clueless monsters who created these clueless monsters and they're still at it!

4. A relatively small number of supremely gullible, mentally handicapped tools are being paid money to instigate trouble. I suspect the FBI will eventually get to the bottom of it -- that is, of course, if there are any FBI left who have not been "compromised" and I don't bet a lot on that. I worked cases alongside them several lifetimes ago; I came to lose all, all respect for the FBI, and that was 1970's; they've only gotten worse.

Long ago, during the "Cold War", it would be assumed to be Russia stirring this up. But Russia doesn't have the balls or the inside expertise to be financing this and not get caught. Who has a) the money, and b) the expertise at not getting caught, and c) the desire to destroy America? Only one group: Today's radical liberal Democrat. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Chinese factions are involved in paying big sums to crazy liberal groups who are in turn paying small sums to human insects at the street level. They are far and vastly more dangerous to common sense and common decency than any radical Muslim insurgency. For God's sake the radical, violent libs are already here on American soil and very well entrenched. Just like the amazingly stupid (mentally retarded) so-called "Shoe-Bomber" was recruited and paid to put a bomb in his shoe (gimme a break for Christ's sake) and blow up an airliner for no logical reason whatsoever, the radical left, which means all of the left at this point, is paying hard cash to complete imbeciles to carry out equally imbecilic stunts across the country. They know that if they pay one in 500, the other 499 will follow along merely because they're brainless herd animals and truly no smarter than that. Fact four shows the liberal's level of desperation to take away your life.

Spoiled Rotten Brats.


The burgeoning mass of the silent-pissed-off (SPO) are holding back their quiet rage. For now. But at some point they will probably have no choice but to muster forth and simply stop the madness and destruction using any and all means. Clearly, traditional law enforcement isn't going to do it. The SPO will have to do it if they desire to keep their homes, employers, employees, cars, families, pets, restaurants -- in short, everything, because the clueless fucking punks (CFP) will take it all. Just stand back and watch. They're well on their way as of September, 2020.

I am so blessed not to have to live in the United States of America. I'm sorry that so many decent, honest, compassionate, hard-working, intelligent, law-abiding, socially responsible people do have to live there. The place is destroying their souls and that's tragic.

I was stuck in gridlock traffic many decades ago, in what has since become a liberal slime-pit called Seattle, Washington state, USA, near the Capital Hill district. Finally the cause of the tie-up became apparent. There were thousands of protesters marching down the hill and stopping all traffic along this major arterial for several miles.

We looked on with interest, wondering what the issue was this time.

Ah! It was an abortion cause -- and we were on the side of the protesters. They filed slowly between all the stopped cars, banging on drums, dancing rather foolishly, a little like they'd already been tazed, dressed rather embarrassingly, screaming undecipherable nonsense until their spittle was covering the cars. Well, whatever, we thought. It's their protest; they can do what they want. And we were on their side. We smiled and nodded as they sauntered through the stalled traffic.

But then they began pounding on the cars in unison, kicking the doors, beating in the larger, flatter areas of thin sheet-metal like hoods and roofs, and then they got to our car, and did the same fucking thing. We both sat there, Glocks under our clothing, wondering if we were going to get out of it alive as the crowd became crazier and crazier and wilder and more stupid -- at what point would they begin actually bashing out windows and assaulting or killing passengers? And for what? For smiling and nodding in agreement? If they tried that on us, sure, we could each take out as many as 23, but there were thousands of these fools, and we didn't have enough bullets to stop thousands. At some point, they'd get us.

After perhaps 30 minutes this herring-school of idiots passed on by and traffic started to move. Our new car was battered and dented everywhere, yellow spit sticking to the windshield, windows and mirrors. And for what? What had we done to deserve this? In the beginning we had smiled and nodded to them as they passed. Then, as they began destroying cars, we sat stoically and didn't make eye contact. They responded to both demeanors with violence and supreme disrespect. It didn't matter if you agreed with them or not. They were violent animals, out of control, off the rails, off their meds, out of their minds, and absolutely nothing more redeeming than that.

As we began to drive away we noticed a handful of vehicles off to the sides of the avenue over several blocks, engines smoking, windows bashed out, tires flattened -- and absolutely no interaction from police, even though they were "spectating" from a safe distance. That was in the 1990's. What's it like now?

The psychopath mentality has changed; it has become far worse. There are more zombies now than ever, and they've become dumber than anyone ever imagined possible. They don't even know what the issues are. Ask any of them to articulate one single issue intelligently. They can't. They don't know what the issues are and they don't care. This isn't about issues; this is about finding excuses to rape, burn, and pillage and that's all there is to it.

And the liberals support it.

There is only one solution to violent madness, unfortunately: When they bring violence, you stop them cold. In one hour. You stop them. If you don't, you have America today...and tomorrow. Are you enjoying it? Stopping them is not difficult to do if you have the stomach for it. Some things in life here on earth require balls. Sad but true. Now Conservatives don't even have them (balls) and they're cowering to the Screeching Left. Good for them; now we know what they (Conservatives) really are.

Once the violence and destruction has been stopped, you invite the street rioters and rapists to sit down like intelligent human beings and air their gripes to people who will actually listen. If they can make sense, then you're on a path to progress. But I've tried to listen to these earthworms countless times in the past. They only spew illogic, irrationality, a complete misunderstanding of the issues they're purportedly fighting for or against, and, frankly, the airy screams of the criminally insane. Because. Truthfully. That's what they mostly are.

Black Lives Matter, anyone?

Mo' Seattle Punks, anyone?

I'm watching the American media wring their pasty hands over the riots in the US -- The Conservatives have been vocally lamenting this bullshit for four months, but in early September the Libs are just now starting to weakly whine and mumble about it. It's sickening. The fact is the Liberals like it. To them it's exciting. It evokes emotion, and they are singularly emotional creatures. To a Liberal, nothing in the Universe or Humanity has value unless it is emotional. So they've stayed eerily quiet about the looting, rapes, murders, wanton destruction for all these long months because to them, it's fun. It's drama, and drama is oxygen to a Liberal.

I don't say this to insult them or be mean -- I'm simply stating facts. I know these people as well as the back of my hand. I know what makes them tick. When I watch them I see them with X-Ray vision. I know their thoughts and desires and plans and whims and fears. They're terrified of logic. Logic makes their blood turn to icewater -- and then it makes them angry. The one and only reason the Libs have, just now, nearly four months into the sacking and burning of Democratic Liberal cities across the nation, have begun to meekly speak out about this insanity, is because they are finally, just now, after all this time, beginning to grasp that the American people don't like it and the polls are turning against them. They're not just now mildly denouncing mayhem and chaos because it's wrong, or immoral, or wasteful, or stupid, or anything else; they are beginning to meekly speak up ONLY because the polling is turning against them and they're feigning mild annoyance at the senseless ruination of entire cities for absolutely no other reason. They don't want to screw up their chances of taking over the country through this election because they know once they get in, they can reopen the spigots of rioting and sit back and laugh. But they have to sort of appear to be at least marginally responsible, until they can get their pawn, the "Village Idiot Joesph Biden" (Whistler's Brother), into office.

My God that utter lack of morality and guts and balls and common sense makes me physically ill. The Liberals are truly a wasted race. They are social pornography -- i.e., no redeeming social value. They are a festering boil of the ass of logical society. They are an anchor around the neck of decent people. America could be so far ahead of where it is now in every single category without the weight of the insane dragging it down. End rant.

I live in a place that's lousy with monkeys. They're fun to watch. They have a society and a hierarchy and a police force of sorts, and the whole thing is often in some state of flux. They stick to themselves and horseplay and carry on with the inner workings of their concerns.

I sometimes go to a little dead-end alley where there are a lot of outdoor, somewhat impromptu food stalls, BBQs and the like, and there are some makeshift tables and chairs there for customers. The monkeys will help you off your motorbike (by climbing on your head), and of course relieve you immediately of any loose items (if you're stupid enough to bring any), and escort you to the line of food stalls (because they've played this game before), and help you order if you give them a menu (they'll point to the pictures -- but choose quickly because their attention wanders like mercury). They'll wait patiently while your order is cooked, maybe untying your shoes (if you're dumb enough to be wearing tie-able shoes) and when your order is ready, why, they'll even carry it for you -- maybe not to your table. But they'll carry it. Quickly. Off somewhere. They prefer fruit dishes, thank you.

self-centered person

If you do make it to your table they'll sit as close to your food as you'll allow -- in it if possible, and they'll offer to pick through it and show you what's particularly tasty. You can shake a finger at them and that sometimes works. You can pick them up and MOVE them if you must, but be prepared for a little screaming. All in all, if you're careful, it can be a fun meal, and you'll ultimately get to eat most of what you paid for. They know how to drink from cups and bottles, so never fear they'll go thirsty. When you get back to your scooter, maybe your helmet is still there, maybe not. They love to see what's under the padding inside. Of course there's nothing. But they never tire of finding out.

They never (OK, seldom) bite people, and they're never too aggressive. If they get that way, the Buddhist monks come and have a talk with the trouble makers.

There are at least two points to this story. 1), that monkeys are crazy. And, 2), that monkeys are far and vastly less crazy than America's current crop of abjectly stupid motherfucking "protesters". The monkeys are smarter and that's an indisputable fact. They don't attack for no reason. If you tell them to stop dismantling your motorcycle they usually will. I would rather sit and eat and be pestered by ten thousand monkeys, than by 1 so-called BLM protester. The monkeys are infinitely more polite, and they won't kill you. Monkeys also almost never kill their own. I say, MLM. Monkey Lives Matter. They matter a million times more to me than the embarrassing morons wrecking America through the summer of 2020.

Liberals want to pour 20 gallons of gasoline on and in their car and set it ablaze. That'll make it stop sputtering. Later, they say they'll think about giving it a tuneup. THAT is the Screeching Left's solution to the riots tearing apart the country.

Here's a true story of a Liberal's approach to car maintenance:

An in-law relative of mine was a dyed-in-the-wool unapologetic Liberal. Just a mess of a man because he was driven by his emotions and, being devoid of any common sense whatsoever, was utterly and wholly at their mercy. It sucked to be him. He raised two boys, a marina thief and a drunk.

One day the time had come to change the oil in his car.

He strolled outside to the car, raised the hood, and checked the oil.

God knows how he ever figured out how to release the hood latch.

It was half a quart low.

Car engines generally hold five quarts.

They can, in a pinch, run on two quarts.

Three quarts is better.

Four quarts is perfectly fine.

The fifth quart is just "in case".

But to this man, who had lead a completely academic liberal life and never so much as changed a tire, this was a mind-numbing development. What, oh what, could he do.

He went back inside and called a taxi, and took the taxi to an auto parts store.

There he purchased a quart of oil.

When the taxi delivered him home, he managed to figure out how to pour the quart into his engine (lucky it didn't wind up in the radiator).

Suddenly he realized to his horror that the engine was now 1/2 quart over-full.

He called a local shop to come and remove the errant half quart.

Then he drove the car to the oil-change appointment, whereupon they removed ALL the oil and replaced it with new.

This man is long dead, thank you Jesus.

But this experience left this dolt completely flummoxed.

That's as close as any liberal ever gets to common sense.

And they want to rule the world.

conceited person
little monster

If you don't let them rule the world, they'll lie and steal and cheat the election until it's so convoluted and screwed up it has to go to court to obtain a ruling on the winner.

They are confident they can find a judge who will rule in their favor.

That's how it's done now in America, the world's newest Banana Republic.

I'm Goddamned ashamed of the place.

The Bible promised us the meek would inherit the earth. But the clueless spoiled brats beat them to it.

The brats won (will win) because the strong got lazy.

That's all it takes.

And by the way, who is Gríma Wormtongue?

Is it:

A) aka Hillary Clinton, or

B) aka Kamala Harris

And is Joe Biden THE most spoiled little ass on earth?

Or would that be the pothead poisonous snake, Nancy Pelosi?

Which spoiled Brat is going to win your presidency in 2020?

Will it be ferret-face, limp-wristed Frank Burns-Biden?

Or will it be P.T. Barnum's own Circus barker "Trump the Hump"?

I used to say, and I still say a lot: "Every society has the government it deserves."

That means that if the people are rank-damned-stupid enough to vote for a loser, then they deserve what they get. But does one thing really follow the other?

What if all the people have to choose from are idiot A and imbecile B? Is that the fault of the people? Far too many folks find themselves faced with this conundrum election after election after election and the only thing they can think of to do is not vote! And that's pathetic! --Not pathetic because they're making a mistake, necessarily, but pathetic because I don't know of a better option! And they don't either! And they SHOULD be given a better option!

Are you really supposed to choose one spoiled rotten brat over another spoiled rotten brat? And how do you do that? In this case, maybe the argument can be made that imbecile Biden has been skulking around the barn 50 years and has accomplished exactly nothing except to screw up everything he's touched -- and Obama as much as said exactly that. Imagine -- a moron calling a moron a moron.

And Humper-Trump has been around only four years yet has done some absolutely amazingly good things for the country. He's also done some really dumb things. And his personality is like high-carbon-steel fingernails grating on a desert-dry 400-grit blackboard. I can't watch him five seconds. But he's done stuff, and a great deal of it has been very great stuff. I can't reconcile the brilliant decisions he often makes with the circus-act, embarrassing, P.T. Barnum character he portrays in public all too often. For God's sake man, get a grip! Are the good decisions accidents? Like 50 monkeys in a room with unlimited paper and printer ink will eventually write a Nobel-winning novel. Who knows!

But Biden is far, far worse. He's made no good decisions at all. Not a single fucking one. Nothing. Nada. Zip. In fifty fucking years. And the things he's said he's going to do on his first day are nothing short of cataclysmically horrific. Just jaw-droppingly stupid. Truly clinically insane stuff. Why in God's name would he even even admit to remotely considering bizarre things like that, let alone to be flatly saying he's going to do them?

So what do you do?

Ah, well, there's always "Heels-Up-Harris":

The other side is this: If ferret-face gets in, he won't be president at all. It'll be snaky, snarky, salmonella-slathered Kamala Harris, a nasty, soul-ugly, sickeningly acerbic toad of a woman who puts people in jail for tiny pot infractions, then giggles cutely and answers yes when asked if she smokes pot. I feel strongly (let's leave it at that) that this odious buffalo of a woman has spent far too many sweaty afternoons in a Motel Six (Motel 6) in Stockton, California, grunting inappropriately loudly with her big ol' cow-manure-packed cloven hooves clickety-clacking in the farty, fetid air while little black bedbugs scream and die, suffocating under the grease of her shoulder blades, all in the name of "movin' on up" the political waterfall. What a Goddamned scarecrow of a woman. You can not unsee this shit.

I can't prove Camel Harris boinked her way to her current position, though I'd stake my life on the belief based on things I can prove. Did Kamala Harris get paid money for her Motel-6 performances? No: She was paid in perks, promotions, and appointed positions. It's the same thing.

And you want that for president of the United States? Seriously? Effectively, a prostitute? With ancient, irrational, illogical, mentally-and-reality-challenged party-tart Fancy Nancy Pelosi (Wicked Witch of the East) as Vice? Because that's who you're voting for if you vote for Cornholio-Frank-Burns-Biden.

Now ask me again how Kamala "worked" her way up the chain. Go ahead. Ask me if you're not able to figure it out on your own. Just a little research will do. Really, it's not difficult.

--Except that you CAN'T effectively research, at least not online!


Because every Internet data controller today (Google, Farcebook, Twitter, etc.) is barking-mad liberal, off the rails, clinically insane, and as such, they don't WANT you, The People, to learn or know or search for or discover ANYTHING that doesn't fit their own personal notions of what you ought to know. According to them. And them only.


Here ya go.

This page appears to be shadow-banned on Google as of mid-October, 2020.

Now that this has been exposed, they (Google) will probably alter the algorithm so it shows up after all (they hate being caught), or they'll alter it so this page and all my pages become completely invisible. I'll be curious to see which path they take. Or maybe they'll just ignore being exposed and leave it as-is because, after all, they are all-powerful, utterly omnipotent, Legends in their own Minds. But for now, when this search was performed, (October 2020), is there an alternate explanation other than shadow-banning by Google? I can't find one.

The full search string was:

--snarky kamala harris spoiled rotten brat motel six--

(It was only truncated in the image, not in the actual search).

Google says no such page containing those words exists.

But of course THIS PAGE DOES EXIST and has for quite some time, and other search strings will readily and instantly point you to this page. But not a liberal-bashing search.

Other search engines find this page without hesitation using that string. But not Google.

If the page bashed Trump in some way, any way at all, rest assured it would rank near the top. In point of fact, my pages regularly bash Trump. I don't like him either. But those pages seem to get preferential exposure everywhere.

Here's the graphic:


Proof enough of shadowbanning? You judge.



Biden's head is full of rotten, crystallized cotton candy. If he doesn't die physically in the first two years it won't matter because he's already brain-dead. The neural connections are still randomly sparking around inside that smelly calcified cone, but not usually in any coherent manner, and when he does make sense for a few seconds in the middle of the night it's accidental -- monkeys in a room again. He's brain dead now but he was always soul-dead.

Spark plug wires. Let's talk about spark plug wires for a moment, and this applies mostly to car mechanics -- and human brains. Let's say you have a car whose engine is "missing" (running rough) occasionally, or often, and you've changed the plugs, tuned or rebuilt the carb, checked or replaced the injectors, done a compression check, verified all sensors (oxygen sensors are a common culprit these days), and still, that miserable son of a bitch misses. A little. Or a lot. Sometimes. Or always. Maybe only when it's cold. Maybe only when it's warm. Maybe only when you drive fast. Maybe only when you drive slow. Maybe only at 4:21pm on every other Thursday and a little at midnight on Friday. And it's a head-scratching mystery. It would be a great car, if only.

There's one thing that far too many otherwise good mechanics (voters) fail to assess: spark plug wires. Those are the thickish wires that run from the distributor cap or ignition module, to each and every spark plug (on gas engines, of course, not diesel). They are usually well exposed and you can see them easily. Usually.

These wires will always eventually degrade and when they do they begin to "leak". Leak what? They leak electricity. Really, super high-voltage electricity. The thick rubber coatings fail to contain that really impressive spark and instead of being forced to go to the spark plugs, it seeks an easier and shorter route, the path of least resistance, and it will jump out of the sheathing and go to the nearest object or item that will accept it. It then dissipates harmlessly into an effective "ground". Not THE ground. "A" ground, effectively.

When that happens, the electricity is no longer routed to and through the spark plugs, so they stop firing and the engine begins to sputter.

vain person

This can come on fairly suddenly, or it can manifest as a barely perceptible rough running for a long time, even a year or two or five, before it becomes so objectionable that the owner finally has to investigate the cause because the car can no longer even make it up and down the boulevard and fuel consumption has gone through the roof. S/he might spend a small fortune repairing or replacing every single damned system in and on that engine, with no relief, before some mechanic somewhere finally gets smart and does this:

There are tricky, techy ways to check spark plug wires for resistance and leaking, but honestly, the most foolproof, cheapest and easiest way is to simply wait for dark dark, open the hood, start the engine, and LOOK.

You'll see tiny lightning bolts jumping here and there and everywhere if the plug wires are toast. If they are, you go buy a new set and install them yourself because it requires no tools and even a liberal can do it. OK, OK, sorry -- liberals can NOT do this. But a hamster can. Too bad a new set of wires won't fix a faulty human brain.

Sometimes the problem is easier to see in dry climates, or sometimes it shows up in rainy times or on foggy days only or more dramatically -- it depends on several factors. But if you see ANY (any!) little sparks jumping around, it means your wires are shot and for $50 or so you're back on the road again. A leaking spark plug wire means that either NO spark is getting to a particular plug, or a weak spark is going there, or if one wire shorts to a nearby wire, that spark might be going to a completely wrong plug at a completely wrong time, and then it's just all chaos.

If the wires are particularly doomed, the mini-light-show can be quite spectacular. Remember, it has to be really, really dark -- no street lights, no full moon, nothing. DARK. Sometimes the leaking wires will look like a special effect in sci-fi movies where a droid or something gets zapped by some kind of cool weapon and becomes a ball of miniature lightning storms. It's cool. If your engine compartment looks like that in the dark you're really, really lucky, because the fix is a snap.

So what was the point of this whole fucking strange aside?

I am providing you a look through a glass plate, into the scary inner workings of Joe-Biden-Burns BRAIN. His wires have been leaking for decades and they're now at the stage of critical failure. There's not much coherency going on in there. It's mostly random sparking because the wires are just too mutherfucking old.

You'll be voting in the radical mob with sweaty Kamala at the top of the pyramid scheme. If that's what you want, go for it with my blessing! I can watch it all unfold in real-time from 9400 miles away. Trust me, I have popcorn. And soon I'll have a cat. And maybe surround sound. And life will be grand.

If you still don't know what to do, you do like I did. You find another country. The USA is one of the craziest, most irrational nations on earth. It's profoundly embarrassing now. It sure as hell ain't the be-all, end-all of places to find happiness. There is a plethora of options.

Cop-out? Yep. My brain -- my conscience and my soul, really -- simply couldn't tolerate one more minute of irrationality on a national scale. I'm out, and you're in, and my perspective is clear now because I don't care. I have no, uh, ferret in the fight.

Trump will be highly entertaining + crude, + cringeworthy + highly effective.

Biden will be highly entertaining + sad, + supremely, stunningly incompetent. Remember Obama's own word: "Never underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up." Biden is a placeholder. He's merely a mouthpiece for anyone with the strength of character to push him around, and that means even Popeye's Oiliveoil. ANYONE.

Win win. Right? Right?

Under Trump, the country will continue to grow and prosper financially and things will be vastly fairer. The raping and looting will fucking cease. But he'll continue to publicly make a foolish Goddamned ass of himself at absolutely every opportunity and by God that's difficult to stomach. Every 7.3 seconds there's a cringe-worthy spectacle that you can NOT, try as you might, unsee.

temperamental person

You can never unsee the ghastly, unholy specter of Kamala Harris sweating and grunting in a hot Motel Six (Motel 6) in Stockton (and neither can I), and you can never unsee Trump's stunningly retarded moments in front of a camera. Why, oh why, does he act like that? Slightly in his defense, however, I will say that most lifelong New Yorkers I've met have shown a hint of Trump in their characters -- rude, arrogant, brash, and just plain objectionable. Even my own relatives. Maybe there's a ground-water problem in that region. And if you want to witness some really, truly, embarrassingly stupid and obnoxious humans, twenty seven hundred grades more worthless than Trump, go watch the two NYC Cuomo brothers in action. I swear to the one and only True God, they will make you physically throw up. What a couple of Neanderthal twats. 53 times more worthless than teats on a boar, but both bozos fancy themselves so stunningly cute and clever and smart. It truly is a phenomenon to behold. Dumb and Dumber, Daryl, Daryl and Daryl, they both should have been named Vinny. These two Hekyll and Jekyll jerkoffs are the types of dipshits you find hanging out in smelly weight lifting rooms because they have no place else to go, and in sidewalk construction crews yelling YO! and making lewd and stupid cat calls to business women as they pass. I've hired many thousands of employees for every kind of work under the sun. I wouldn't hire either of these two fools to clean the toilets. --Because they'd fuck it up. Goddamned pencil-dick wastes of genetic material. And one of them schmoozed his way to a Mayoral position! (but for how long). And then killed (some say murdered) about 6500 innocent elderly people by forcing Covid patients INTO THEIR ROOMS AFTER HE HAD BEEN REPEATEDLY AND FORMALLY TOLD THAT THE ELDERLY IN NURSING HOMES WERE THE MOST VULNERABLE ELEMENT IN HIS CITY! AND HE WON'T TALK ABOUT IT! YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Under Biden, it (America) will slip into an abyss in so very many ways. It is said, and I repeat this all the time: " the Impossibility of Reason", and that's the total sum of the lying, conniving, limp-wristed entity known as ferret-face Frank Burns-Biden. The US will be Hell. It's so, so close to it now. Biden doesn't even need to give it a nudge; he need only stand back and continue to mutter incoherent nonsense to the sky until the nation topples, and that's precisely what he'll do. Of course the Posse will help push it because not a fucking one of them knows the first thing about building up; their tawdry expertise lies only, only, in tearing down, and God knows they don't even do that efficiently or well. And the really disturbing thing is, Biden won't even know the country has fallen off the cliff! America will be gone and forgotten a decade and Biden will still be up there rambling to the dusty air.

Some choice, eh?

Trump will stave it off and it'll be ugly.

Biden will step quickly out of the way and the bizarrely insane radical Left will plunge in headfirst and it'll be the quick end of America.

But either way, for me, it's like watching two spoiled brats fight hammer and tong over the Kingship of Outer Mongolia. I. Do. Not. Care. Who. Wins. Any. Mo'. I'll pity the waste either way, but I've fought enough, and I'm tired of fighting against irrationality on a galactic scale.

Irrational spoiled brats snake-fighting for control of a nation of irrational spoiled brats. Oh what fun.

Two well-oiled spoiled rotten brats, grappling like jello-monsters for the fully notarized and gold-seal-embossed King of the World certificate. Epic entertainment. Just tell them both to stay the bloody fucking hell away from me.

Pencil-dick Gumby Joe Biden.

Snapping-Turtle Humpty-Trump.

Who ya Gonna Call?

Because y'all got demons.


Tough-Guy Antifa Punk Gets Busted.



Here's a stinky little morsel of human pus.

Mathew Banta, "Antifa Leader" and all 'round "Tough Guy Extraordinaire". Real piece of militant, hardened revolutionary-forces, tough-guy work. This is the quintessential Iron-Man mobster who is bringing America to its knees? And who drops to the ground, rolls up in the fetal position, cries like a baby, and probably pisses his pants when confronted with his flamethrower by police? Give me a break. What's he gonna do when confronted by real tough guys -- throw a bag of ferrets at them and run squealing into the night?

Spoiled. Rotten. Brat. In Spades.

Just another clueless, limp-wristed fucking snowflake.

By God, the world is choking on these dizzy little bat-shits. what's dismantling your cities and ruining your nation and your lives. And you can't even stop these punks? Then you, America, deserve everything you get. I am embarrassed by you and for you. "Commander Red" in-fucking-deed.

And no, I'm not sorry for the profanity.

And here's another BLM prize and spoiled brat.

Do you want to see what real spoiled brats are made of, deep in the most secret recesses of their minds and souls?

Ok, here it is:

The liberals want to bash Trump.

Ok, let 'em.

Let them bash every single legitimately wrong and stupid thing he does or has ever done. That's all fair game. No sane or rational person has a problem with that -- the only problems people have are with liberals whining and moaning and hand-wringing when sane and rational people bash the actual misdeeds of other liberals, but that's for another website.

The thing that makes most Americans want to literally vomit, are the countless instances of liberals bashing Trump, or anyone else, for things they didn't do. And, increasingly, they (Libs) are using innocent Third Parties to pull their Cancel Culture bullshit on Trump and others -- or anyone they don't agree with. So here's one of the more egregious examples of real pieces of human feces, using an injured vet, to make it look like he said things and holds views THAT HE DOES NOT.

He's fighting back hard, going on every news outlet and talk show that will have him, to vehemently dispute The Left's insane, revolting use of his image in their ludicrous lying campaign, but you can be sure he's not getting nearly as much traction and coverage as the sons of bitches who initially released it to the liberal networks, and who STEADFASTLY REFUSE TO ISSUE CORRECTIONS OR APOLOGIES. Millions and millions still think it's true.

By GOD these are sick puppies.

This instance isn't "kind of" like lying, it's LYING, it's FRAUD, and I know for a fact, as a 50-year commercial photographer, that it's actionable in civil court, if not criminal court as well. Here's what The Screeching Left has pulled this time, and it's a Goddamned whopper. This is the story of Bobby Henline, a four-tour Iraq War veteran.

It's nearly impossible to even remotely imagine, even as a cheap dime-novel-plot written by some drug-addled dimwit named Sean Penn (i.e. Mr. This-Is-Your-Brain-On-Pot), human beings more loathsome than the limp-wristed liberal gasholes who perpetrated this one against Bobby Henline. Lying, urchin-sucking, urine-guzzling, amoral Goddamned brats. They belong in prison, or worse. They deserve the fucking chair. To LIE about an honored, wounded vet to try to persuade the witless masses that Trump said something he absolutely did not (even ask his enemies for Christ's sake) -- surely, nothing besides pedophilia is lower than what these putrid Democrats are trying to pull off at Bobby Henline's expense. I truly have no words. But this is status quo, par for the course, SOP for The Screeching Left. It's light years beyond despicable. This is who they are in the depths of their souls and it reeks. This is the kind of thing Party-Tart-Pelosi, or Whistler's-Brother-Biden, or Wormtongue-Hillary-Clinton would have thought up personally, and okay'd for wide distribution and immediate implementation. Spoiled Rotten Brats indeed.

Every person who has lived any life at all, except spoiled brats, has figured out that the world is teeming with spoiled brats. Spoiled brats seldom recognize the mental illness in themselves; they know only that real people don't like them very much and they have no idea why. I was again at the Killing Fields in southern Kampuchea (Cambodia) recently, and cried my way through a three hour trek. Again. If you possess a soul, you'll cry.

I remember Pol-pot well from younger years. He was a Western-educated (well, sort of -- he was a dismal failure as a student), asshole, truly, epically misguided and insane, but somehow he wormed his way into a military position of some significant power in Cambodia in the 1970's and once he had a choke-hold on that authority, he decided it was time to implement his Manson-esq vision for the world, starting with the citizenry of his own people in Cambodia.

At that time, Cambodia was fresh out of the Vietnam war (referred to here as the "American War"). I remember some stupid, loudmouth politicians laughing and boasting proudly on American TV at the time, "Yeah, we bombed those sons of bitches [Khmers] back into the Stone Age." Well, they were in the fucking Stone Age before the American War, so bombing them back to it wasn't much of a feat. In fact, though, they were bombed back to the Neanderthal age. They were decimated and to this day (2020) have never recovered fully. Their crime? They helped Vietnam, because if they didn't, they'd be wiped out by China. Some choice.

In any case, Pol-pot came along and decided, for no known reason (and no sensible reason how he ever self-ascribed the stupid nickname of Pol-pot), that there was no occupation on earth worthy of human beings except farming. Well, true enough, farming is a noble pursuit. Without it, we'd all starve to death. But Cambodia more or less had enough food already and was improving itself daily and was working to rebuild something of its infrastructure. Pol-pot decided otherwise.

He simply cleaned out some Cambodian cities and towns -- I mean he actually sent soldiers into every single business in the region and marched every single citizen, man woman and child, out at gunpoint -- and marched those people (marched and trucked and railed) to the middle of nowhere, and commanded that they shall farm. NOW.

The vast majority had never farmed anything, not even a tomato plant on their balconies, and had less than no clue what to do, nor desire. Welders, lawyers, actors, writers, teacher, scientists, don't want to be farmers. If they did, they'd be farmers. Pol-pot was compassionate however, and commanded a few times that they shall farm NOW. And when they didn't, he simply killed them. By the thousands. By the millions. Try to grasp it because it's true. Pol-pot especially hated intellectuals and personally singled them out for execution. He had failed his American university classes; maybe he had a grudge.

People soon woke up and tried to sort of ineptly farm, but their expertise was in being teachers and lawyers and factory workers and taxi drivers and academics, road builders, construction workers -- how many Americans could, in the space of 24 hours, be converted from computer programmers, to successful farmers, even under penalty of death? Maybe 1%. So Cambodians died. En masse.

He and his army started out shooting them. That's easy. You get back 20 yards and fire a weapon into a crowd without aiming. You don't get bloody. You don't have to look into their eyes or feel the withering warmth of their flesh. They fall, usually backwards, into pre-dug ditches. You use a bulldozer to push dirt over them, whether dead or not. Done deal. Easy.

But he was inept even at the business of procuring ammunition (much of the produce he finally did create was traded for more bullets), and with the countries he planned to overtake (Hitler, anyone?), he didn't want to waste it on stupid peasants. Fairly early on, he switched to knives, bayonets, etc., but sometimes there weren't even enough of those to go around. But what was plentiful was a long, slender leaf that was viciously sharp and serrated along its edge. I've actually cut myself on those damned things, though their name escapes me. I hope you go do the research.

The "soldiers" (aka spoiled, spineless brats) harvested these by the hundreds of thousands and used them to slit the throats of those who wouldn't, or couldn't farm. They were raped if pretty, robbed if they had anything, tortured if they resisted, brainwashed if they'd listen, bashed in the teeth if argumentative, then slashed across the necks while standing on the edges of ditches, then pushed in, maybe dead before they hit the bottom, or maybe alive and screaming for hours and hours, but doomed.

Eventually, even digging the ditches became too much trouble, and the victims were slashed across the throat, then kicked into running a few dozen meters away, because you usually don't die right away but of course your case is hopeless. Some die quickly, some die slowly, depending on the sharpness of the leaves and the skill of the cutter, and luck.

Obnoxious music was blasted through bullhorns in trees to mask the screams and moans of the dying, which continued through the night until they were bulldozed in the morning, or a few days later. You could hear the wounded choking on the dirt as it covered their mouths. And even pushing dirt over those fields of bodies became too much trouble, so some were barely buried, or not buried at all. I've walked those fields, and though I had no anticipation of shedding a single tear, I wept openly as I walked, for hours, tripping over the polyester clothing of bodies directly under my feet that crops up after every rain -- only synthetics because cotton had rotten away but polyester has the half life of fucking Plutonium. I tripped and stumbled as I walked, and twice tiny bone fragments have punctured my Nike's, once significantly, and I simply couldn't stop crying.

The youngest children usually escaped the serrated leaves. Instead, they were swung by their feet until their heads contacted certain large tree trunks. I've stood at those trees, and I swear the trees themselves were sad and ashamed. I swear it, and I'm no tree-hugger. Often the first blow didn't kill the children, so they were swung again and again until they stopped twisting and jerking, then tossed off to the side, maybe not completely dead, but mortally wounded.

I remember this, when it all started in the mid 1970's, having narrowly survived Vietnam, in real time because I watched it unfold on American news and I was as incensed as I have ever been, and I was profoundly ashamed that our government would report on this bullshit, yet steadfastly refuse to go stop it, and I wanted to find any way under the sun to travel back to that strange land and find this mutherfucker and swing him against a tree with my own arms and hands. But I didn't have the means to get there, and the news cautioned that any Americans traveling there would be considered enemy combatants, Cambodia being hated by the US, as it was. There was an undercurrent of glee in the American reporting on Pol Pot. Indeed "those damned Khmers who refused to help us beat Vietnam, they were getting what they deserved now!" I felt that in the voices of many TV reporters and politicians.

Indeed, Kampuchea (currently pronounced here more like "Kumboosha") is just now coming into the iron age. Pol-pot is long gone, dying peacefully in his retirement hut along the Thai border in the late 1990's. He had tried to swarm Thailand to escape the Vietnamese army who eventually came for him back then, and I personally know many Thais who were children at the time, and who hid in fields and jungles with their families because they heard Pol-pot was coming. Indeed, he was two miles away. But the Vietnamese were satisfied just to be rid of the jackass and didn't pursue him up north, and the Thais called bullshit on Pol pot's march into Siam and drove them back, and eventually Thai families went back home, but felt wary and insecure for a decade.

I remember Pol-pot gave an interview to a female Caucasian reporter, and when asked about the murdered children, hundreds of thousands of them, he was incensed, and replied indignantly something to the effect of, "I didn't authorize all those dead children. I am not a bad man!" Those were nearly the last words he ever spoke. He died knowing he was a brilliant visionary -- a spoiled rotten brat, but just unlucky in the timing of his world domination plot. Such is the legacy of many spoiled rotten brats.

And the stunningly, embarrassingly STUPID and uneducated-in-the-ways-of-the-world liberals, ignorant fools that they are, wonder and lament over America's Second Amendment. This, you feckless Goddamned retards, is why America has it, becayse people vastly smarter than you envisioned a day when it would be needed.

I believe that nearly every spoiled brat, given free reign, would eventually end up as monsters of this magnitude. That is the path they are on, especially The Screeching Left.

Usually these up-and-comers get knocked down by society, by somebody punching their fucking teeth out when they're 12, or by someone killing them when they're 17, as should have happened to Charles Manson, or by law enforcement shooting them 29 times in the head while they shield themselves with babies after raping and killing four little neighbor girls -- something stops them, or at least slows down their developing madness, until they either change, which is astronomically rare, or they die of old age, never finding sufficient opportunities to do the things they really wanted -- never fully becoming Pol-pots or Green River Killers. I believe that all spoiled brats are headed for lives just like Pol-pot, if they are never stopped. Being a spoiled rotten brat is a brain disease, usually incurable, though it's sometimes treated and held in temporary remission by a few applications of brass knuckles. If the disease is advanced, I don't think non-violent measures will cure it, just like castration doesn't stop the pedophile.

But some are never even slowed down until it's too late. Think: serial killers, Hitler, corrupt politicians like Castro, Mexican drug cartels, most Mexican "leaders", many American "leaders", pedophiles, rioting anarchists -- comb through the history books and find almost any Super-Monster in human history: They were spoiled rotten brats. They all thought, and think, they are so cocksucking special, they can do what they want, according to their airy, ever-changing whim, and you...are just in the way.

They should have been, could have been stopped. But they weren't. And society pays the price for this pathetic lack of resolve, and all the while liberal society is the cause of it, because that's where 85% of spoiled rotten brats are hatched.

Whatever shall ye sow, so shall ye reap.

So what "should" be done with spoiled rotten brats?

If caught in the first week of this affliction, they can be pretty effortlessly backed down and turned to a better path. Unfortunately, since any fool and whore can make a baby, many "parents" are simply not bright enough to recognize these emerging and evolving traits or, if they are, don't have the backbone to stop them and stop them cold right then and there the very instant they are manifest in a kid's putrid behavior. They're lazy and dumb and they didn't plan on hatching the little bastards anyway, and so they seek only the path of least resistance, hoping their future serial killers will either learn on their own through social natural selection, or will hurry up and grow and leave home before they can cause any real damage. To the lazy, incompetent, spoiled rotten parent, their kids are just in the way. No wonder then, YOU are just in the way when these worthless turds go out into the world.

But literally every single week that this behavior is allowed to go unchallenged, it becomes harder to challenge, until it's impossible to challenge, which may be where it's at at this very moment. The little rat bastard who wished everyone and everything "into the corn" in the movie, finally got challenged. But that was a movie. In real life, he was unredeemable.

I used to see it in horse psychology every single day, riding rustler patrol, wearing out two to five horses a day. I was continually forced to deal with some other rider's laziness in schooling a horse, and the small amount of correcting I could get done in a few hours was all undone when the next rider climbed aboard for 30 minutes.

It is exactly the same with children. Exactly. Precisely.

Honestly, spoiled young assholes have plagued mankind since, well, since before there was mankind. If you study nearly any animal species you'll see spoiled-brat critters getting corrected by adults of the same species who know instinctively that spoiled behavior will be the utter ruination of them all. So when a young seal lion, for instance, starts to become an unruly jackass, adults will knock it down a notch or three. If caught early and dealt with decisively, the adolescent egg-sucker learns very quickly what's socially acceptable and what's not, and that sea-lion community gets along and flourishes.

But humans stopped doing that long, long ago, because they've lost that instinct, they've short-circuited natural selection out of a misguided sense of compassion, and you have, today, a society that is literally burning itself to the ground in Liberal cities across America for no reason whatsoever except that the imbecilic fuckers are spoiled and out of control. Then law enforcement and the judicial system has to step in and try to do a tiny shred of what the parents should have done when the kids tried to first run off the rails at age 2. Unfortunately, we have so many wastes of human flesh now, both as spoiled brats, and as spoiled-brat judicial forces, that they're utterly overwhelmed, and Rome is burning, and the clueless, academic, hand-wringing, limp-wristed liberal mayors and silly, lazy, ineffectual liberal politicians are fiddling.

Long live America, land of the Spoiled Rotten Brat.

So what can YOU do to solve this problem?

Here are a few options:

Therapy. Put spoiled brats into therapy. Would it work?

Possibly -- if you could treat them around the clock with the very best psychologists in the world, for their entire lives, at costs of millions and millions of dollars per brat. Yes. Perhaps they could emerge as 80 year olds with a reasonably realistic view of the world, and society, and themselves, and make it through at least one Goddamned day without causing grief and hardship to others.

Put them all in jail? Maybe. Can YOU afford to pay for it? Millions and millions and millions of them?

Torture them until they behave? It isn't effective because they don't learn from it.

Ostracize them from society? Put them all in, say, a fenced-off region of Wyoming, a la Great Britain's Australia, and tell them good luck, and by the way, please heed the .50-cal turrets all along the perimeter: Escape is not an option. Would that work? Sure. Got a spare, unused Wyoming handy?

Kill them all when they perpetrate crimes against humanity? Simply murder them to get them off the earth and allow good people to have real, safe and secure lives where they can pursue meaningful careers, own homes, have children and a dog -- ? Is that a viable option? No, it isn't viable.

So what's the solution to the spoiled brat disease that is destroying, and will destroy, an entire nation?

Some push this as the humane solution:

Require rigorous training of soon-to-be parents. They must pass the class before being granted permission to breed. They must be monitored as the child develops. If it's found that they're fucking it up, the children are taken away.

Would that work?


But logical, sane, productive society will be long dead a hundred years before that could ever be implemented.

There are two sides to this law enforcement dilemma:

The extreme anti-police prejudice the USA is seeing in late 2020 has two components:

(1) People are tired, weary to the bone, of police who are smart-ass Goddamned punks, who delight in pushing people around simply because they enjoy showing power and force against people who have done nothing wrong. Many (too many) law enforcement entities harass, annoy, pester, unlawfully arrest, unlawfully assault, and unlawfully kill innocent members of the public. I've been a victim of this insanity too many times, and I'm not black! If you are an active individual, out and around, maybe running multiple businesses, lots of activities, traveling, engaging, moving, busy, you WILL be a victim of this bully bullshit sooner or later. Why? Because far, far too many cops are Spoiled Rotten Brats and people are fucking sick of it. "I" am sick of it. I have absolutely no patience for or with, no empathy for, and no sympathy for bad cops who perpetrate that Goddamned bullshit. When people push back against bad cops specifically, I sure as hell don't cheer, but I'm not saddened, either.

(2) The world is now teeming, overflowing with spoiled brats who do bad things. The cops are as sick of them as you and I. Many of those punks are insane. Many are just genetically bad damned people. They need to be stopped by any means necessary. By any means necessary. If they must be removed from the earth (killed) then remove them from the earth. Period. Grow a backbone and stop apologizing for it.

In situations where smart-ass punk cops are CAUSING the problem, I'll stand back and watch and won't help the police under any circumstances. They're on their own.

In situations where spoiled brats are CAUSING the problem and decent police are trying to stop it, I'll stand with, and IN FRONT OF, the police to help them stop the insanity.

The little punk rat-bastard who shot the two cops in Los Angeles in mid September, 2020? Find that little mutherfucker and torture him/her for six months until they die. No remorse. Put it on YouTube. I don't CARE that person's age. I don't care.

The "protesters" who blocked the emergency entrance to the hospital where these two officers were being treated? Mow them down in cold blood. Get them off the earth. Every single one of them. The world does not need these people. The world can't tolerate these people. They are beyond redemption. They will never be productive members of ANY society -- they will only drag sane society down. If you don't have the guts to make that determination and act on it, I promise, I do.

So do I hate or love cops?

I fully and unconditionally support GOOD cops.

I fully and unconditionally condemn BAD cops.

I. Don't. Like. Spoiled. Fucking. Brats.
And I don't care what job or position they hold, if any.

The cops are facing an American population that is exponentially breeding spoiled brats, many, many of whom are criminals. The cops are sick to damned death of it -- the loudmouths, punks, cowards, assholes -- the cops are being confronted, increasingly, by the absolute scum of the earth, and increasingly, their hands are tied in dealing logically with these wastes of flesh. Many are clinically insane, but what does that really matter if they have a gun pointed at your face? The cops are weary to the bone of the bullshit and so am I. Many cops are mentally and emotionally ill-equipped to deal professionally with those pukes, and so am I; my patience is gone.

I worked Federal law enforcement in the 1970's. I quit after only two years, for two reasons:

(1) I saw my unit becoming more and more dishonest and unfit -- they were increasingly taking shortcuts to circumvent the law, in order to get results. Some of them were turning into petty, vindictive assholes, and some of those types lived, lived to find, or create, situations in which they could shoot or otherwise kill people.

(2) I was starting to lean that direction as well.

I didn't like the person I was becoming. I quit and became a commercial fisherman making far less money. But it was the correct choice at the time.

OK, so, the cops are sick of the punks. Some cops are becoming punks themselves, because they're sick of the punks. It's a conundrum. Unfortunately, some cops were born punks and they slipped through the ever-widening net of the basic psych evaluation required before giving them guns and badges and licenses to kill. There simply aren't enough inherently good, stable, intelligent humans to go around, so sketchy humans are increasingly being allowed to carry guns and wear badges. Why aren't there enough good people to go around? (1) because the world is breeding too many spoiled brats and, (2) because neither the Pope himself, nor Gandhi, nor Mother Teresa, would last four minutes without busting out the teeth of today's American smart-ass brat.

The punks are sick of the cops, because they're spoiled brats and they're sick of anyone and everyone telling them to stop causing trouble and fly right. Even when the police act absolutely properly, the insane will hate them for it, and America is increasingly a nation of the insane -- a study of liberals tells you everything you need to know.

On one side you have punk cops and bone-weary but otherwise well-meaning cops, and on the other side you have punk punks who are so mutherfucking outrageously outrageous in their behavior that the good cops are becoming more frustrated and angry by the day and are quitting, and the bad cops are becoming more frustrated and angry by the day and are becoming worse cops.

In the middle of this, you have basically decent humans, which, in my estimation, make up about 40% of American society. Those people try very, very hard to do "the right thing" in all contexts and circumstances, but when confronted by bad cops, even they lose their patience and start pushing back.

Here it is:

Good people are sick to Goddamned death of bad people, whether they are private citizen lumps of concentrated evil, or whether they are law enforcement lumps of concentrated evil.

So even the good people are pushing back against any and all comers who are unfairly fucking up their lives. I think people are far more incensed at bad cops who act like punk-ass criminals than they are of punk-ass criminals who act like punk-ass criminals. A spoiled brat is a spoiled brat is a spoiled brat, but when cops, teachers, politicians, leaders, are spoiled brats, it's really infuriating.

I've always said: Against the criminal element, you at least have the possibility of recourse. But against bad law enforcement, you have no possibility of recourse whatsoever. Take it to court? Give me a break. Even if you win, which is truly, truly almost always a random roll of the dice, you're bankrupt.

Let's recap:

Cops are increasingly angry because of really, really bad people (spoiled brats).

Bad people (spoiled brats) are increasingly angry because they can't tolerate anyone putting limits on their putrid behavior, whether by their parents, society around them, good cops, or bad cops. Anyone who puts even the slightest limits on a spoiled brat is automatically evil, in their eyes.

Good people are increasingly angry because they're getting the spillover bullshit from both good and bad cops (spoiled brats) and from bad people as well (spoiled brats), who will be more often as not, rewarded by the system for their bad behavior, like this:

Years ago my wife was washing her car in her own driveway. A punk (spoiled brat) came into our yard from another yard on a loud dirt-bike. He proceeded into our driveway, past my wife at high speed, knocking her down. He stopped, looked back at her on the ground, laughed and sprayed her with gravel as he sped off. I caught him a few blocks away because I needed his license plate number, and pulled up next to him. He jumped off his dirt-bike and as he came at me, while I was still on my own motorcycle and before I had said a word, he was yelling, "What do you want you fucking asshole?" He had no idea who I was. He then lunged at me and I hit the top of his full-face helmet with my open hand and pushed him back. I told him to stay out of our driveway; then I rode home and called the police. 30 minutes later they showed up and arrested me for "unlawful use of hands". The judge dismissed it in court, laughing out loud at the absurdity of it. The punk-biker was never charged, even though my wife and I repeatedly filed the same criminal complaint (trespass, reckless driving, assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle)), etc., as many as 20 times over many months.

This is why good people are fed up. They're fed up with spoiled brat punks like this, and they're fed up with police who would arrest them for dealing with spoiled brat punks like this.

Why did the judge dismiss this case? He laughed and said, on the record in court, it was Christmas Eve (it was) and he wanted to go home -- NOT because he thought dismissal of the case was the right thing to do.

In very large part the police have made their own beds, and now they're being forced to live in them. They've pissed off the bad people, because the bad people are irrational, often or usually insane, violent, illogical, stupid motherfucking brats. They've pissed off the good people because of incidents like that one, and a hundred billion more like this one:

I was Northbound on highway 101 at the southern border of San Jose, California. No particular hurry – lots of time before my International flight out of San Fransisco airport. Traffic medium and flowing more or less OK but a little slow. I came upon a green pickup with some equipment and big hoses in the back, unreadable emblem on the door. Looked like maybe department of natural resources (DNR), or forest service. I thought maybe a forest fire crew. He was just bludgeoning his way through traffic – running up onto bumpers of the cars ahead of him, aggressively passing, jerking from lane to lane, doing probably 15 or 18 mph over the limit. I was glad he hadn’t tailgated me like he was doing to everyone else.

I stayed more or less behind him for awhile because he was busting a path through traffic for me. Mostly we just stayed in the fast lane while he bullied all traffic out of the way. I wondered what his superiors would think if they knew he was driving like that, but in a few hours that place (America) would just be a memory and I’d be far out over the Pacific, heading for the mountains of Siberia.


After a while he made it into the left/fast lane and stayed there, not a car in sight in front of him. I figured he’d punch it and leave 23.


me far behind. But he slowed down to about 3 mph under the limit. What the farking hell? I stayed back there for awhile, then signaled right, passed him, got a good way in front of him and signaled left, pulled back into the left lane and accelerated up to my usual 6 mph over. Instantly I see his light rack light up. Huh? Light rack? On a Forest Service truck? Really?

I thought at first he had accidentally flicked it on. But he then roared up behind me aggressively, almost hitting me. I signaled to the right. He changed lanes with me. Ok, a farking forest service truck is pulling me over? Seriously? No. Really? Maybe my ass was on fire.

I pulled off onto the right shoulder and got out and walked back. He met me half way and I said who the hell are you and what do you think you're doing?

He said I am a police officer and I have pulled you over. I looked at his truck again and said, a police officer of what? He showed me his badge. I said security guards have badges; I want to know who you are and by what authority you are pulling me over on a Federal highway.

He said who do you think I am?

I said, I have no farking idea, and that's why I asked you, but I want to know and if you’re not going to tell me I’m going to call CHP.

He said he was a game warden.

A what? A glorified dog catcher? And just why was he stopping me?

He said I was following too closely.

I instantly thought, WHO was following too closely?

By this time I recognized him as just another damned authority-crazed hot-head, drunk on the tiny shred of power he’d been given, pissed because he wasn’t a “real” cop. Just another Barney Fife. God knows, America’s commode is overflowing with these types and the entire world is beginning to know it and despise it and fear it. The people of SE Asia used to dream of someday going to America to carve out a good life. Now they speak of it only as a holiday sight-seeing destination for a week or two because they know what America has become and they know they’re happier in their Third World turd of a country. Look at their profiles on dating sites which often read, “I won’t relocate.” They’d rather make $3 a day and eat rice forever and live in a leaky, breezy hut than live in America because they know, and the ones who don’t yet know, are learning. They get American news there too.

We argued for some time, this spoiled brat and me. He said he was going to write me a citation. I told him to please go ahead and do that and let me get on my way. That pissed him off. He didn’t want to write a citation: He wanted to provoke a confrontation and he was using his little tin badge to do it. We argued some more, me questioning whether he had the authority to make a traffic stop on a Federal highway (in fact I knew he technically did, but that it was highly discouraged because that was not even remotely part of his charter and virtually anybody would be suspicious of a non-law enforcement vehicle pulling them over, which would almost inevitably lead to misunderstandings and problems).

I began asking that CHP be called. He ignored the requests, then flatly refused them when I didn't stop asking. I asked perhaps eight or nine times, then informed him if he wasn’t going to call them, I was. He instantly punched me in the right breast. He actually punched me. I'm not saying he "might have" or that he "sort of" did it; I'm saying he flat-out punched me with no prior comment or command. He simply assaulted me, even though I was not moving nor speaking at the time. I think he was aiming for my face but I dodged. No warning – nothing. Just punched me. I told him to keep his fucking hands off me. He tried to punch me again but I blocked it. He tried again and again and again – maybe 40 or60 seconds of rapid repeated blows. He just wouldn’t stop. Never said one word during all this – just kept making girlie punches that were easy to block. I blocked every one but never struck back.

Finally he just stopped and started talking about other stuff. It was patently bizarre. He stopped trying to punch me, stopped moving, just stopped, like he realized he was insane and out of control, and was trying to reset his circuits. Like a robot being rebooted. He fought like a damned marshmallow and he knew it. He was out of line by a mile and he knew it. He was guilty of assault and battery and he knew it. Now I knew I had a complete mental case on my hands.

We talked normally for a few minutes more, as if the fight had never even happened. I thought, OK, psychopath. He was a dangerous and possibly homicidal psychopath. Then, suddenly, like it had just occurred to him, he backed off a few feet and put his hand near his gun and told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. Had I been armed I might have put him at gunpoint and waited for CHP, but I wasn’t armed because I don’t like guns. I don’t want to carry one every single day, even though I’m licensed, because I don’t want to be reminded of what they represent: conflict, pain, misery and death, and I was on my way to an International flight in any case.

I asked him if he had a dash cam going in his truck. He yelled, "WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" I said, calmly, that I hoped so, because I planned to subpoena the recording. He didn't reply, but started staring nervously at the windshield of his truck.

I looked at him closely then, and I could sense the insanity in the small piggy eyes. Like INSANE was tattooed across his forehead, I could see into his disgusting soul. I knew in that instant, just as surely as everyone has occasionally known things unspoken, that he wanted to shoot me, and if I resisted even slightly, or even walked away to try to flag down the real police, he would. He would shoot me in the back. I regard this as a fact.

I felt terror, icy and absolute. I turned around and put my hands behind my back and he cuffed me. One of the cuffs was stunningly tight. I told him he needed to loosen it. The pain was absolutely more than I could bear. He said, oh really? Let’s see about that, and he clamped it down with both hands as hard as he could. I told him to get on his radio, ask his superiors what to do, and check my prior law enforcement record. He then accused me of being an anti-government activist. Seriously -- that was his comeback to "Check my law enforcement background".

Ok. Off his farking nut. Out there circling Neptune. If I was an anti-government whack-job I wouldn’t be repeatedly demanding that CHP be called, and I wouldn't be asking him to look up my past law enforcement employment.

But he did go back and get on his radio, and I stood by the freeway in unspeakable pain for about 30 minutes more. I thought about going out by the lane and trying to get the attention of someone who might call CHP for me, but hell -- some imbecile tough-guy would probably think I was an escaping criminal and shoot me themselves. "The Unwashed Masses" are not known for being particularly bright.

Then, so very bizarrely, he came back to me and apologized like a female dog wetting itself. Said he really wasn’t a bad guy, and he hoped we could forget this whole incident. He uncuffed me, asked if my wrists were OK. I said no. He then told me repeatedly to have a nice day, have a nice flight, let's put this behind us, ok?, etc., and went back to his pickup and pulled it into the right lane of the freeway, and told me he was blocking traffic to make it easier for me to get going. And did I need anything else? Like what? Coffee? Tea? A blow job?

I don’t know what prompted this Jekyll and Hyde personality switch. If it was because he realized he was being a criminal, spoiled-brat horse’s ass and decided all by himself to change his behavior, too bad. He’s still guilty of several crimes. If it was because his superiors told him what he might be facing if I prosecuted or sued civilly, too bad. He’s still guilty of several crimes. If it was because he was informed of my prior Federal law enforcement background which was far and vastly above his "rank", and realized he’d caught a fish he didn’t really want to catch, too bad. That shouldn’t make one damned bit of difference in determining whether someone should be handcuffed along the Interstate or treated decently and with respect and logic. He’s still guilty of several crimes.

From the other side of the world I filed four FOIA requests for any record of that stop. Finally extracted it from the California Department of Fish and Game who supplied it grudgingly and only under threat of a court order. I read his report, but had to stop repeatedly before I vomited. His report was wildly different from what actually happened -- simply one lie after another – what a surprise. He never even vaguely alluded to our fight.

They have these things called polygraphs. I’ve taken a few of them at my own expense when people tried to lie about me, and passed them, of course, and posted them on the Internet, and offered $5000 to the other party if they took and passed theirs. No one ever did. I really, really don’t like liars, especially when they lie about me, and that’s a great way to expose them for all their friends and family and bosses to see, forever and ever. To expose a crook on the Internet, publicly, forever, is the gift that keeps on giving.

I used to think that eventually I'd offer that to this rogue damned dog catcher and I'd post the details of that on the Internet, along with his name and badge number and home address, and I’d document the fact that he refused to take a polygraph, because he has no choice but to refuse, even with the offer of $5000 cash. But honestly, leaving the US forever has given me new insights into my own sense of tranquility and calm, and I just never got around to it. Maybe I’ll be back in America someday for some errand – maybe I’ll be old and sick with cancer with not much time or caring left on earth -- and I’ll look the guy up and we’ll talk. And I'll talk with a few others as well. You just never know.

I live in various Third World countries, mostly in SE Asia now, but I have found ALL of them to be more logical and fair than the United States of America. I don't look back.

Before this incident, my respect for American law enforcement was running around 20-30%, down from the 100% it had been as a young man who still believed in things. After this dog catcher nightmare, my overall respect plunged to about 3%, and that's where it has remained for all these years until the George Floyd case. After that, it dropped to 1%. What's my respect level for pedophiles, anarchists, Antifa fools, so-called "peaceful BLM protesters", rapists, Joe Biden, looters, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, "The Squad", Charles Manson, bank robbers, punks, people who shoot cops as they sit innocently in cars, people who blockade emergency entrances to hospitals where gunned-down cops are being treated....?


So the cops are still ahead. But a margin of 1% is pretty Goddamned slim.

How many stories like this do you want to read?

There are far too many to document in this website.