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Facebook will shut down your
Oculus DEVICE unless you
have a Facebook account!

Are you scared yet?

More importantly, are you PISSED OFF YET!?


I touched on this subject either earlier in this site, or on another site, but the problem is metastasizing, so it needs a closer look.

I own every Oculus headset ever made except the new Quest 2. I'm a huge believer in the entire concept of Virtual Reality (VR). I have about $7400 in games and apps, all purchased through Oculus.

I hate, loathe and detest Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg personally. I do not possess the vocabulary to adequately voice my feelings of hatred for this man and his company.

I think both FB and Zuckerberg are lumps of "Concentrated Evil" (i.e. Time Bandits). I believe that companies, and people, simply don't get any more dishonest, backhanded, arrogant, and, of course, evil. Not on this earth. Facebook and Zuckerberg are as bad as they get.

I dumped my Farcebook account long ago and never looked back. I don't want another Facebook account. I won't have another Facebook account. Not only millions of people feel that way, but billions do, and that's a documentable fact. My rank and visceral hatred of Facebook and Zuckerberg finds itself in very good company, indeed.

When Facebook bought Oculus, no one thought too much about it except that we knew Facebook would find some way, any way, or multiple ways, to fuck it up. We knew that. It was guaranteed. This stupid little man-twat could and would fuck up a wet dream. There is NOTHING he can do correctly. God knows how he ever figured out how to breed. Facebook's (now failing) success is based entirely on luck. He was in the right place at the right time with a lucky product. Facebook survives in spite of Zuckerberg's Idiocracy.

So what's his latest boondoggle?

It is this:

Facebook has now announced that if you buy the newest Oculus 2 headset, it won't work. It will be disabled. It will be a brick and will remain a brick forever, unless you jump through THIS insane hoop:

You must make a Facebook account. There is NO ALTERNATIVE. Hate Facebook and refuse to be a party to its insanity? Then either don't order a Quest 2, or sell yours just as quickly as you can because YOU CAN'T USE IT.

When we first saw that, it of COURSE pissed us off, but, we figured, not such a big deal; we'll just make a fake Farcebook account and never use it. And Zuckerberg can go fuck himself in the ass with a dry cactus.

BUT-- It was then announced that, no, no, NO, Facebook would be requiring ID and verifying the account to make sure it was real, and that the user was using their REAL NAME. It seems that Facebook wants to be sure it is supplying only REAL DATA to the hackers who penetrate it regularly, and to its Communist Chinese friends and colluders.

That's when tempers around the world really began to flare and apparently tens of thousands of orders for the new Quest were either canceled, or returned. People generally DO NOT WANT FACEBOOK. And even the few who do, don't want it MANDATED. They want to CHOOSE whether to use Facebook with their Oculus. OR NOT! They don't want it SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS. No one wants ANYTHING shoved down their throat.

So what to do?

Don't buy a new Quest 2.


Simple enough.

Sure, you already have hundreds or thousands of dollars of games and apps that you ASSUMED you could use on your new Oculus 2. But now you can't. So, you resolve to suck it up, hate Facebook even more, and then go buy some other brand of headset and lose the functionality of all those paid-for games and apps on any new headset you're being forced to switch to. Of course you can still use your old Oculus headsets until you buy a VIVE or whatever. Right? Right? Right?

That's how the vast majority reacted to this.

But Zuckerberg was too clever. And evil.

This dirty little pencil-dick piece of Goddamned human shit decided that people choosing not to buy a new Oculus couldn't be tolerated. He decided to make this policy -- wait for it -- RETROACTIVE.


Think about it.

Think hard about it.

Absorb it.

Collate it.

Understand it.

Grasp the ramifications.

THEN let the anger boil forth, because it will.

Zuckerberg has arranged it such that you won't be able to use any of Facebook's shitty, stupid apps or games unless you have a Facebook account for all and any of your old, existing Oculus headsets, and you won't be able to use even the non-Facebook apps and games, even on your OLD headsets. You won't be allowed to use any or all of your older headsets AT ALL, for ANYTHING -- wait for it again -- as of 2023. This insane mutherfucker will simply shut them down, disable them, brick them, and make them worth ZERO for resale, unless you play his game, give in to his scam, and sign up for Facebook.

Again, we're not talking about only the absurd Facebook filler-games and apps that don't work anyway.


All caps. Does that mean I'm shouting? No. It means I'm fucking screaming.

You never agreed to this -- and neither did I. Zuckerberg is not only crippling your older, existing headsets NOW, he's by God DISABLING THEM ALL AS OF 2023!

Let's say you buy a NEW CAR, and drive it for six months, and then one day you get a letter from the car manufacturer saying, "Oh, by the by, you need to sign up for our PORN SITE, right now, and if you don't, well, just try and start your car tomorrow morning because we'll send a satellite signal to it which disables the engine! Hahahaha! It'll never run again, SUCKER!"

Is Zuckerberg's Oculus stunt similar to something like that?



There are no words for this. There simply are not fucking words for this. Would I sue him if he did that to me? No. I will physically find his personal office and go there, even though I live 8500 miles from the USA, and I will EXTRACT a full and complete REFUND for all my headsets, all my cables, and all my games and apps. I will EXTRACT IT. Period. I will EXTRACT a refund. Zuckerberg WILL pay me IN CASH for ALL of this. Because he's wrong. Because, in my view, he's a Goddamned fucking CRIMINAL. And I'm Goddamned fucking tired of being a victim of this mentally retarded little Goddamned piece of human shit. And you should be tired of it too. If you're not angry yet, you're brain-dead, or you're taking way too much Zoloft.

I get little announcements maybe once a week showing the new apps and games for Oculus. Those emails are the ONLY spams I EVER read and don't block. I buy some featured app maybe once a month. But no more. I'll buy no more, starting ten minutes before I started this website. Why would I ever, ever buy either another Oculus headset, or a game or app for any Oculus headset? What would be the point? I won't ever have another FB account. So why would I PAY MONEY for something that WON'T FUNCTION unless I jump through Zuckerberg's hoop and have a Facebook account?

But it's actually so much worse!

There's another angle to this that is angering and scaring off more people than any of the above and it is this:

Facebook can, and will, ban you for saying the absolutely MOST INNOCUOUS THINGS. Men are ugly. There's hardly a female on earth who hasn't had that thought. Some articulated it to their girlfriends on Facebook. AND BEEN BANNED! Do a Google search for things like "banned on Facebook" or "Facebook jail" or "capricious Facebook bans" or "arbitrary Facebook jail". You'll be shocked. And amazed. And scared. At some point, Farcebook will be banning people and terminating accounts for typing the word "the". It seems inevitable. Maybe it has happened already.

Facebook bans millions and millions of people every single year. It's a fact. Read about it HERE.

So let's say you choke down Zuckerberg's outrageous bullshit, and even though you already know the piece of shit that Facebook is, and you go register an account ANYWAY, just so you can use the hardware and software that you PAID FOR ANYWAY, and you make some innocent comment that Marky doesn't personally LIKE, your account will be blocked, banned, removed, terminated, and then what happens to your headset? It becomes a brick. And what about all your apps and games? They vanish into nothingness. You're simply out. In my case, I'd lose about $7400 in apps and games.

In fact, I WILL lose that much GUARANTEED, in 2023.

Even if I sell all my headsets TODAY (and for God's sake who would buy something so crippled?) I WILL LOSE ALL GAMES AND APPS, in 2023. All that money DOWN THE DRAIN! Gone! Wasted! Lost! Simply because Mark Zuckerberg is the shittiest little banty-rooster asshole on God's Green Earth and if you don't know that now, YOU WILL. The man is insane. Period.

But 2023 is so far off, who cares? I'll have all new games by then anyway you say. Right?


I have every game I ever bought, even going back to day one of the Rift. I play them all, regularly! 2023 is NOT so far away!! AND I'LL STILL WANT TO BE PLAYING THE GAMES I paid for!

What will I do on the day Mark Zuckerberg personally STEALS every game and app I own, and for which I NEVER agreed to have a Facebook account to use? I'll go see him. Personally. Because this Goddamned shit is a million miles over the fucking top.

Sometimes you get robbed or burglarized by shit-human beings, and they take your stuff out of your home, and you are never able to find them or get your stuff back, and so, in those rare cases, you must simply let it go. There is no recourse. Forget it.

But in this case, where Mark Zuckerberg has already said he's going to rob me of my apps and games and ruin my hardware, there IS a recourse. I know who's going to do it! This burglar has already publicly announced his upcoming crime! And when it happens I'll know who's done it! And I'll know where to find him! And I will talk to him! I will talk to him PERSONALLY, since he has robbed me PERSONALLY!

Enough is enough.

My advice, again, is this:

Dump every Oculus product you own as quickly as you can for whatever you can get, because the values sure as Hell ain't goin' UP, and how many new apps and games will the devs be willing to gamble on developing, knowing that the rats (us) will be leaving the sinking ship in droves?

Don't ever buy another Oculus device, game, or app.

Tell everyone you know to do this.

Tell everyone you know that this is all YET ANOTHER neon sign showing you exactly what kind of company Facebook is, and what kind of human being, or rabid, retarded animal, Mark Zuckerberg is.

Stay away from anything and everything even remotely connected to Facebook, or which even remotely MIGHT SOMEDAY BECOME associated, even peripherally, with Facebook.

It's bad news.

It's dishonest.

It's evil.

Mark Zuckerberg: World's Shittiest Spoiled Rotten Brat. Asshole and thief.

Is it Class-Action lawsuit time against Facebook and Zuckerberg the Tyrant?


It is Class-Action lawsuit time against this lump of reeking feces.

You can't sue Facebook for restricting the use of its Facebook social apps within the Oculus experience to FB account holders if they agreed to those terms prior to sale (unfortunate for Quest 2 suckers, and I was days from becoming one).

BUT -- You ABSOLUTELY CAN, and should, and MUST sue Facebook for restricting and blocking (BLOCKING for God's sake!) the use of any and all Oculus devices prior to the Quest 2, because you, the person who PAID THE MONEY, DID NOT AGREE to hold or open a Facebook account in order to be "allowed" to use the device and the licenses for games and apps that you PAID FOR! This is a simple and basic tenet of all civilized business. It's not rocket science!

8 year old girls running corner lemonade stands can understand these basic concepts of fairness and good business for Christ's sake! You can't sell a glass of lemonade, and then just...when the customer is about to sip that first sip, get on a bullhorn and yell, "HEY CUSTOMER! FORGOT TO TELL YA! YOU CAN'T DRINK THAT! YOU GOTTA JOIN FACEBOOK FIRST!" And then the seller moves up close with a baseball bat and tells the paying customer that if they so much as try to take a sip, they'll bash that fucking glass right out of their hands.

This would be...wrong. And every single human on earth who is not mentally retarded KNOWS THIS.

But Zuckerberg doesn't grasp the concept.

Any "man" or corporation who thinks they can limit you in this way, RETROACTIVELY, needs to be instantly, INSTANTLY shut down, sued for re-compensation, and then driven off the Goddamned earth. Such a company, and such a man, has no place in decent, logical society and no place in honest commerce. Send them to Communist Red China where they belong. In China, this is SOP. How do I know? I live right across the border from the miserable, miserable Chinese and they are far more odious than you could ever imagine. Not a damned word in their defense until you've LIVED WITH THEM for a few years in THEIR country -- not Chinatown in America for God's sake.

Can you even begin to imagine how the app devs (developers) for the Oculus platform feel about this? Most of them are working on razor thin margins as it stands, because VR hasn't ever taken off as it was predicted to do, and as it should, and as it will, I believe, someday. So these hard working devs can-NOT afford to lose ANY sales over the silly, precocious, illogical whims of some mentally handicapped little nerd (Zuckerberg) and his Halcyon fever-dreams of being King of the World.

Zuckerberg is hemorrhaging users because his product is fucked and his policies are insane. So, rather than fix his product and clean up his policies, he figures he can FORCE suckered Oculus buyers into beefing up his user numbers artificially. What a stupid, backwards, unintelligent piece of garbage.

I won't ever buy another Oculus product, app, or game. Even if Fuckerberg completely reversed this entire strategy today, TODAY, and announced publicly and apologetically that he was dead wrong and that no Facebook account would ever be required in order to use your own hardware and your licensed, PAID-FOR apps and games, why would I gamble on Oculus even then? Indeed, why ever again? Because Zuckertit could reverse direction YET AGAIN at his airy, farty whim! And you know he would! He has shown you what's at the core of his soul, and it is ugly. He'll only pull this, or some other equally odious and backwards stunt again down the road. Get the Hell away from this guy if you value your sanity, and your belongings.

Oculus is dead to me. And it is dead to ANYONE who hates, disagrees with, or even suspects that FB is even one one-thousandth as bad as everyone claims. Zuckerberg has killed it. Rank stupidity bordering on clinical mental retardation has killed it. And Oculus is dead to anyone who doesn't give a rat's ass about Facebook otherwise, but who still refuses to have little Zuckerberg's fungussy cock shoved down their throats, and that's exactly what this is -- it's Zuckerberg face-fucking you simply because he thinks he can. I, for one, am mutherfucking sick to the gullet of it and I say NO. MORE.

Fuck the Zuck. You read that here first.

I've never seen a "businessman" this damned stupid in my life. I truly have never seen it.




I'm watching "The election" through various "news" outlets from my vantage point here near the southern Chinese border.

It. Is. A. Hoot.

My viewpoint and assessment of these two players (Trump and Biden) hasn't changed a lot since I first mentioned them on this website. Humpty Trump and Limp-wristed Biden. What a match-up.

You have two men who are utterly painful for me to watch. It's hard to say that one is more embarrassing than the other.

You have loudmouth, uncouth, litter-box-un-trained Trump. A cacophony of noise.

And you have Cornholio Biden-Beavis (aka Frank Burns from Mash) who, I swear, would lie when the truth would serve him better. It's embedded in his DNA. A leopard can't change its spots.

I can't watch either of these boobs. I just can't. I've tried. I last absolutely no more than 20 seconds watching Trump's rallies. And I find myself waiting twenty minutes for Cornholio-Biden to actually say something coherent.

I think we all agree on both of these points. They are both obnoxious asses. That cancels out each of them. Two negatives equal a null.

So how in God's name do we arrive at a conclusion as to which dimwit to vote for? And that's assuming you do vote -- which I don't -- because I don't live there and never will again and I have no dog in the fight. I left the US precisely because of its mindlessness, and this election is just a further example of mindlessness.

In any case, if you DO want to vote, how do you choose?

In Trump's case, you have a man that no one can stand to listen to, but who has accomplished more truly logical and productive things in 4 years than I can list here. He has done absolutely amazing things. I can NOT figure out how he's doing it, because his personality does NOT instill in you the notion that he, personally, could run a 7-11. I remember watching him on the Apprentice. I thought it was chaos. He was a boob then and he's a boob now. I didn't watch the show long.

So how is he accomplishing all this amazing stuff? Stuff that is truly, documentably putting the entire nation into a far and vastly better place than it was in under the imbecile, Obama? How's he doing it? I do not know. It's been suggested that he simply isn't doing it, that others are doing the heavy lifting. Ok, maybe that's true. But who chose the brilliant turkeys who are setting the country straight? If it was Trump, then regardless of how many times he makes us gag up hairballs in his appearances, he still deserves our absolute respect and support. NOT respect and support for his personality, but respect and support for RESULTS. Truly, stellar results. Things that have desperately needed to be done for 80 years, are actually getting done. How bloody refreshing.

On the Cornholio side, take away his bizarre, utterly ineffectual, senile and downright dumb personality and missing in action intellect, and what do you have left?

In Trump's case, all we had left were his accomplishments.

And in Frank Burns' case, all we have are his accomplishments.

Trump's, real, documented, brilliant, logical accomplishments in FOUR YEARS would fill an entire website.

Cornholio's productive accomplishments OF ANY TYPE OR KIND in FIFTY YEARS would fill...a...a...what? A post-it note scrawled in crayon? Actually, realistically, not even that. You could document Biden's accomplishments in fifty years on a post-it note written with a can of spray paint. There. Ain't. Nothin'. There.

Every single word this man haltingly utters, and every single phrase he struggles to utter, was carefully and painstakingly taught to him by his managers (the radical far left). For God's sake watch him closely! Every other rehearsed phrase catches him halting and pausing and looking blankly around trying as hard as he can to remember what they told him to say. HE HAS NO THOUGHTS OR WORDS OF HIS OWN. Biden is an empty box, a shell that looks human, but is devoid of a soul, and even a brain.

Some people wonder why The Left would ever push this man out front, hoping to make him win, since they KNOW he's a total loss as a human being. But people are thinking incorrectly. The Left has pushed him out there in hopes he'll win BECAUSE he's a waste of DNA as a human being, and therefore as easy to control as slicing butter with a hot knife. The man has so little backbone, I don't know how he stands up.

These aren't just words. You'll see the truth play out right before your eyes if he gets in, and I'll be profoundly entertained at the stunning, jaw-dropping stupidity of the American people to have let it happen. I see this pathetic dufus like a Goddamned x-ray machine. He's a wasted lump of flesh. Hell, he always was.

So you have two putrid personalities which cancel each other out.

And you have two records of accomplishments.

And you choose WHICH ONE?

Both are spoiled rotten brats, who are running the world and making you dance.

Which one should lead the country (i.e. The World)?

The man who protects us from China?

Or the man who sells us to China?

There are many other big issues that could always be considered, besides the China issue, but this one alone is enough for you to make a meaningful decision. Trust me; I live here next to China. My town is overrun by them. You don't WANT to be owned by these motherfucking Zombies from Hell.

In a sick, backhanded kind of way, I hope Biden and Heels-Up Camela get it (did you watch the video of her pronouncing her own name as "Cammella", then royally bitching out others who pronounced it exactly the same way?). Yes, it will be the waste and ruination of an entire nation, in the quickest possible order.

But-- It's time the Screeching Left really got their shot at making fools of themselves on a global scale. It's time they had an entire nation to drive to Hell. They've already done it in every single state, county and city they've gotten their death grip on. That's all easily documentable. It's far from "opinion". It's fact. Do the research or shut up. Look at the numbers. OR SHUT UP.

But the ruination hasn't been total, so they can always whine and moan and spin and gripe and lie, trying to weasel out from under the numerical and statistical results of their staggering, stunning incompetence, and hopefully, they think, convince the world that is watching, that the annihilation of, say, New York or San Fransisco, is the fault of someone else. Like it always is.

But if they get to fuck up an entire nation, and everyone can see it, who are they going to blame then? Romania?

So, as tragic as it will be, and as much as I feel for the honest, hard-working, play-by-the-rules conservatives, this could be one bullet they must take for the team. Let the clinically insane have the place. Let it go completely and quickly to weed. I think only then will enough people wake up from their Idiocracy-fever-dreams and denounce the imbecilic policies of the Left once and for all, and get them off the stage forever. Maybe only then will the nation have a real crack at lasting prosperity and logic, relative decency and order and stability, once the thinking and working people wade in and clean up the mess.

How long will that take? Best case: one or two generations.

It's Biden and Trump neck and neck as I type this with less than a week to go.

If Trump gets it, the Screeching Left won't really be defeated. They'll merely say it was stolen from them (Oh, poor, poor babies), like they believe it is stolen from them every time. In reality, the only thing that's been truly stolen from them is their intelligence.

Sometimes things gotta get much, much worse before they can get better and stay that way.

In any case, it'll be an absolute hoot to watch the foolish left fall flat on their faces again and again and again and again if they get in. Sure, they'll lie and spin their way out of much of the blame. But not all of it.

If Biden gets in, the economy will tank overnight if nothing else happens to sway it. Watch the market. Go back and look at a graph of the overall market when Trump was elected. Assuming a Biden win, go look at the same graph with one caveat. The business people of America, you know -- the workers who make life possible for the lazy, know what kind of fucking fruit he is. But the Left can't hide all their stupid failures, and it will be a four year Financial Soap Opera of the Demented. Great Entertainment -- for those of us without a dog in the fight.

Of course Frank Burns will blame it on Trump, just like the silly bastard Obama tried to take credit for its rise due to Trump's common sense and logical policies of simply GETTING OUT OF THE FUCKING WEAY of America's natural economy.

The caveat in this market prediction is the announcement of a viable vaccine. THAT will shore-up the market like sugar makes a cake. Depending upon whom the responsibility falls to make the vaccine availability announcement, it will be made BEFORE the election if a Conservative, or AFTER the election if it falls by happenstance to a Liberal. No liberal would ever, ever announce it BEFORE this election, even if it was already a done deal, because no Liberal could allow the Brownie Points to go to Trump who, of course, is 103% responsible for the history-making speed with which it was developed. So in this way, the market will be artificially supported AFTER the election, if a Biden win. The market will naturally want to tank because they know Biden+Minions is about to crush the economy, but it will at least receive very, very strong and significant structural support if it's announced post-election. That'll make Biden look good, based on Trump's sweat, and what in the Goddamned Bloody Hell has Frank-Burns-Biden EVER done in his pathetic life except take credit for the work of others. I submit he hasn't done a single fucking thing and, actually, that's perfectly researchable and documentable. But ditzy, clueless Americans elected him anyway. So be it. I love it.

Biden's election'll erect and present and showcase a perfect stage for those who've been supporting these stupid, amoral, lazy fucks (The Left), and I'll be profoundly satisfied to watch their every bungle. Every time your 401K drops, or your business fails, or you can't pay your skyrocketing taxes, you can thank the mindless hoards of American movie stars, dopers, looters, rioters, and all the rest of the rotting leaves in the bottom of the eves. I can't wait.

UPDATE: Watching the election coverage occasionally through the morning of election day, I conclude the following:

Biden will get it for four reasons:

1) Trump's obnoxious personality and constant lying.

2) A stunningly corrupt and stupid liberal media.

3) Liberal vote counting fraud on a massive, unprecedented scale -- some will be uncovered; most will never be known.

4) People are stupid and base their votes on "feelings" rather than accomplishments.

Two things convince me utterly, completely and irrevocably that the United States is a lost cause and is not deserving of my help, support, or even recognition:

1: The fact that anyone, any mentally handicapped human being, as completely unhinged and certifiable as Nancy Pelosi, could ever, ever get within three steps of the American Presidency tells me once and for all that America is too stupid to survive. It can NOT survive, nor should it. If the American people have allowed this to happen, and they have, then they are just too fucking dumb to ever govern themselves or to be in charge of anything, anywhere; not even a lemonade stand. They'd fuck that up too. The USA is a failed experiment. Nancy Pelosi is a grade or three below the cognitive abilities of Corky Thatcher. I am not saying the following to be mean or insulting or anything else. I am saying this because it is an absolute fact: Nancy Pelosi wouldn't last 60 days as assistant manager of a 7-11. I was heavily involved in a national pizza chain, dozens of restaurants and uncounted tens of thousands of hirings and firings, for about 40 years. I know which people will make worthwhile employees, and which are disasters waiting to happen. Nancy Pelosi would constitute the most incompetent employee ever hired. No personnel manager would EVER hire this imbecile for ANY meaningful task. Yet she's Third in line for the United States presidency. I'm so, so, SO glad I left. There is no way to reliably remedy this abysmal situation except to vaporize about 50% of the American population and start over. Period.

But start over with what? I've now lived and worked completely around the world, in bad countries and the best countries, and I STILL don't see enough genuinely good or competent people to staff a Goddamned car dealership in Omaha. So from what do you choose people to make up any new and decent country? From aliens?

2: The American hippy was the start of an algae bloom. They were allowed to breed unchecked, like weeds, like an invasive species of blood-sucking ticks. Now, the entities destroying the very fabric of American life are the result of that oversight. Liberals are the spoiled rotten brat demon-spawn of hippies. They fuck up every single thing they touch. They always have, and they always will. If any of them ever by happenstance develop more than two tiny brain cells to rub together, and that is jaw-droppingly rare, they become Conservatives. This putrid, lazy, rock-dumb element of society has now metastasized to the point where the only cure is death -- the death of a prosperous, cutting edge nation. Nothing more can be done. Nothing more can be said.

Ah, you say, but what if Trump takes it in the end today or tomorrow?

It doesn't matter one fucking whit. Merely the fact that the crazies got this close, is enough to show all thinking people that the country is doomed.

That more than 10 supposedly sane human beings could vote for the current liberal ticket means that the IQ of Americans has dropped to the point where no logical, productive nation can spring from it. America is cooked and done. Now, or after the next unlucky election or the next, the hyenas will slowly devour the remains.

I live in a shitty little Third World country. The government is horrifically bad. The people are hungry. Nothing works. The court system is a joke. There are no elections.

BUT IT ALL WORKS BETTER THAN THE USA, and the people are one hell of a lot happier, including me.

When I ask these people, and I asked this question several times a day even of the poorest among the poor, if they dream of one day going to America, they look at me cross-wise, cock their heads, regard me oddly, and retort, simply, WHY? I shrug and change the subject.

The beautiful part of this is, no one need take my word for ANYTHING. Merely sit back, and watch the horror unfold before your eyes over the next four years, if limp-wristed little Lyin'-Hiden-Biden gets in. It will be a sickly dark comedy, and at least I'll have popcorn.

If not for the most dishonest and dishonorable media in history, and if not for Trump's ludicrous personality, and if not for a thieving, lying, scamming Democratic party, this would have been the largest, most dramatic landslide in American history. As it stands, regardless of winner, it'll be a contest the merest breeze could have flipped. That's not much of a victory.


This note is made on November 5, 2020, at least on this side of the globe. It's a day off from the US. The election is not yet officially decided but it looks as though Frank-Burns-Biden (i.e. Mash) has got it.

Now we know the country is lost.

Or do we?

The problem I have with this election is that, if Frank Burns won it, the clueless libs should have won the Senate as well. As it stands, Frank will fuck up every single thing he touches, as he has for 48 years (remember when Obama said, out loud, "Never underestimate Biden's ability to fuck things up." Frank-Burns-Biden will, as Obama predicted, fuck up absolutely every single aspect of the American government, and, frankly, that's what I wanted to see. Unfortunately, the Senate will work overtime to save the country, and Biden's continual, never-ending atrocities will never be fully known because he'll simply blame his own stunning ineptitude on the Republican Senate. He's already started.

I longed for a situation in which the Demwits were given complete reign and control, so that when (not if) they ran the place into the ground, it would be clear for all Americans to see. Now, there will be little to see -- only muddy water, and that is a shame. Americans needed to see what they were voting for every single time they let one of these power-starved little monkeys into any office, anywhere, so that they could avoid this situation in the future. But they won't see that. And they'll learn nothing from the sale and sacking of the United States. That's a travesty.

My advice:

1) Learn to speak Chinese, and:

2) Buy more guns.

3) Or leave.

In the decade or so since I left the US for good, I've occasionally followed American politics. On one occasion, living abroad, I went four years without seeing a news broadcast or any newspaper. It was sublime. When I returned to the US I had no idea who the president was and didn't care.

In this particular sojourn abroad, I've kept in touch with some of the highlights. I see now that was a mistake. America is now an ongoing, never-ending episode of Prime-Time Primates, and I can finally see that it always will be, until the Liberals succeed in finally reducing it to nothing more than smoldering rubble -- then it won't even be that. It'll be the Cockroach Free-for-All. It's close to that now.

For those sick to fucking death of the insanity, there are plenty, plenty of better countries around the world. That didn't used to be the case. It is the case now. I suggest you start researching.

Remember, " the Impossibility of Reason." There is no reason remaining in the USA.

So here we are, stuck with the imbecile-President, Frank Burns aka Joe-Biden (by the way, does that make Biden's wife Hotlips?). He's not officially declared at this moment, but he will be. His voter fraud network was being built, honed and perfected beginning the very day Trump won, and it's now as extensive and intrusive as anything the world has ever seen. For those clueless among you who have yet to figure this out: It's What Liberals Do. It's What Spoiled Brats Do. It's cooked into their DNA. You can't cure it. You can't change it. You can't show them the illogic of it. You can't demonstrate the antisocial-ness of it. So give it up. Liberals do what they do. Just like viperous snakes do what they do. You can't convince either one of them to stop it. At least in the case of the snakes in the grass, they do it to survive. Liberals do it only because they're terminally spoiled and not for ANY logical or decent reason.

Anyway, the Liberals have schlepped the election. We all knew they would. We saw it coming in a million ways. But it's rare that a corrupt politician feels SO SECURE and UNTOUCHABLE that he will telegraph his intended treason. But Biden does and did.

Watch the clip below. Yes, it's Biden. There are three different versions of it.

A kinder heart than mine might watch this and say, well, what Biden MEANT to say was that he and the Libs have created the greatest voter fraud DETECTION scheme or organization the world has ever seen. No doubt that's what his handlers taught him to say. But as usual, Biden said what he REALLY meant.

Ok, OK. So. Biden stumbled with a Freudian Slip -- one of many tens of thousands already done, and one of many tens of thousands yet to come.

What should have happened, and I've no doubt DID happen, immediately after this embarrassing fool got off the podium? His disbelieving handlers RUSHED to him and breathlessly demanded to know if he knew what he had just said on global television. I've no doubt this punky little smart-ass chortled and said something like, "Sure I do man!"

But of course, as usual, he had no clue.

And then what did the monkey trainers do?

They showed him a clip of himself making a fool of himself.

Just like always.

And Frank Burns either denied it and accused the Republicans of doctoring the tape with CG special effects in the eleven seconds between the time he said it and his handlers knocked him down in the hall backstage and showed the playback to him, or he feigned horror, STILL not really understanding the implications of what he'd just done.

Then the handlers went to work on him in earnest.

Instead of making him write, "I shalt not say this again" five thousand times, I bet they made him write it on the blackboard 100 Trillion times, because they knew, they KNEW it would take that many times, or more, to get him to fucking remember it next time. But he STILL didn't remember to parrot the words correctly "next time".

I've now seen three different versions of roughly this same line.

Biden isn't mis-speaking. He's saying exactly what he means to say.

You have two choices here:

1) A man who says he's committing treason, and MEANS IT THREE TIMES, and then bloody well does it, is a man who should never be elected dog catcher and, honestly, in the real world, he never would be.


2) A man who can't be stopped from making three different "accidental" gaffes THAT GODDAMNED HORRENDOUS is a man who should never be elected dog catcher and, honestly, in the real world, he never would be.

And you thought Humpty-Trump was embarrassing. Hang on to your hats -- at least until this pencil-dick dies, or gets removed via the 25th Amendment, or gets put in prison where he belongs for taking 30 million from China for "perks and favors", or until someone offs him (waste of a bullet, really -- I'd rather see him humiliate himself for as long as possible). Then you can try to choke down Camel-a Heels-Up Harris as President. Then your nightmare will really begin.

This is going to be grotesquely, tragically hilarious.

Dems, you've outdone yourselves this time. You truly have. And I applaud you for it, because it is my fondest wish that the world see what insanity you are really capable of.



Of course Hiden-Biden has already begun choosing his cabinet. Bozo-Beto will come to collect all your guns. The rest of the freaks have their own personal freak agendas all mapped out. But there are tens of thousands of equally horrific stunts that Frank-Burns-Biden has up his sleeve for YOU. Because, of course, the idiot knows what's best for YOU.

There will be far and vastly too many examples of supreme and shocking stupidity to come and to avoid it, I am turning off all news sources from the US. The country is lost. It's a socialist embarrassment now, heading for Communism, because politicians, and voters, are Just. That. Fucking. Stupid. So let 'em have it.

I only want to include one snap of a socialist imbecile spouting off. I have no idea if this turkey will have any presence in the Burns/Camel-a White House (it's an Out-House now), and it doesn't matter. This is merely to demonstrate just how utterly Goddamned brainless these people are on The Screeching Left. This is only one of billions of comments (wishes, for them) that are this jaw-droppingly dumb, but I share it here just to give you a small taste of the mental retardation that makes up "The Left".

Now, it's OK for human beings to be dumb -- God knows there's no shortage of them, especially in America. But when people this fucking stupid are in positions of power and authority, then it becomes socially criminal. Make no mistake, Rahm Emanuel represents the smartest of the smart on the Left. Biden will pack his Monkey-Republic government only with people dumber than himself, and Biden is far dumber than Rahm, and Rahm is far dumber than your plumber.

So are you belted in nice and tight? You're in for a ride on the Crazy-Coaster.


I suppose someone will eventually put together a web-page illustrating and detailing all the ways and instances of voter fraud that got Frank-Burns/Biden elected. Actually, I say "all", but "all" will never be known. They'll uncover "some" though, and it'll be good reading -- that is, of course, if you still see value in America. I don't. It's China-owned now, and always will be going forward. The Biden clan got the down-payment from China -- now the rest of the hillbillies will get their share, and China will own you, lock, stock, and barrel, and if the American people were too embarrassingly stupid to see that coming, then they deserve every inch of the shaft that's about to go up their asses. It's a guaranteed fact that the entire Biden Hillbilly Clan is rubbing their little paws together in glee, already counting the revenue to come from Joe's selling and sacking of America. You stupid fucking liberals; look what you've done. Sadly, you're too rock-dumb to ever figure it out.

Was the election stolen through the Left's fraud? Of course it was. They've been bragging about it openly and proudly for months. Instances like the following number in the thousands -- literally, the thousands, and cumulatively constitute the theft of millions and millions of votes, all to the Democratic side. This is just the tiniest sliver of a taste. A few instances will be proven to be "Fake News". Plenty more will be proven to be real and documented.

Will the the scammed votes be corrected? No, because the Left will protect those who did it.

Will people go to jail for voter fraud? No, because the Left will protect those who did it -- because it's ALL in the Left's favor. Imagine that. Fine folks, those Libs.

Will the mainstream news ever, ever report it? No, because the Left will protect those who did it, and the mainstream media IS the Left now. One and the same.

America is now absolutely nothing greater or more than a bag of rabid snakes. It was reduced to this by The Screeching Left, and Conservatives were too weak to stop them -- which is the precise M.O. of lazy, clueless parents who raise Spoiled Rotten Brats.

Green New Deal? That was just a teaser. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

THAT is what you've allowed to slither into the hen house -- Filthy Killer Clowns from Space dressed up as snakes. God help you all.

In my very extensive travels around the world, I find that about 33% of the countries I live in are better than the USA. 33% are as shitty. and 33% are worse. THAT is what Liberalism has done for your nation -- and by the way, in every country that I spend time in, that has failed as a nation, it is Liberalism as the culprit in 100% of cases. Now it's America's turn.

The USA has been circlin' the drain for a long, long time. Now it's finally being flushed, by none other than the Spawn of Hippies -- the drug-addled, irresponsible, stupid, lazy imbeciles that the 1960's hatched and nurtured. I saw it coming then. I stepped into that culture and quickly stepped right back out in utter revulsion. Today it's here, not merely "at your doorsteps", but inside your homes and bedrooms, and you will never, ever get it out.

People even in lousy Third and Fourth World countries watched the 2020 election madness and they are ashamed BY you, and ashamed FOR you.

The Liberals did it and that's easily documented.

But Conservatives let 'em, and that makes them culpable.

Now every minutiae of your lives will be controlled by "movie stars" and Frank Burns impersonators, professional anarchists, looters, rapists, murderers, liars, dopers and fools, and steered endlessly by the Communist Chinese government. I've lived in Communist countries. They are Hell on Earth -- but the clueless Left has no concept of this reality (or many other realities for that matter), and now they own you.

I'm sad at the waste of a nation that had grand potential.

But by God it's entertaining.

Told ya so.

Software "glitch"? No.
Software intent.
There are NO "mistakes" moving votes to Conservatives.